Number of Project Schedules Analyzed by Fuse:

Proven Methodology

Over the past decade, we have established a risk assessment method which has been successfully implemented on hundreds of risk workshops, representing both owners and contractors alike.

By adopting our simple yet sophisticated, patent-pending 5-state schedule maturity model, you walk away from the risk workshop with a project that’s validated, risk-adjusted, optimized and team-approved putting you in the best position possible going forward.

Acumen S1 // S5 Schedule Maturity Framework

S1 // The Base

A non-validated CPM schedule, with unknown realism.

S2 // Critiqued

Project analytics are used to help identify and target trouble areas or activities within the schedule.

S3 // Risk-Adjusted

Risk analytics are used to estimate the impact of potential issues and modify the schedule accordingly.

S4 // Optimized

Scenarios for accelerating the risk-adjusted schedule or are developed and options for risk mitigation are evaluated.

S5 // Team-Aligned

Contributions from the project team are incorporated into the improved schedule, earning team consensus.


Acumen’s risk assessment methodology has been used on CAPEX projects totaling over $300 billion, and led to a 10% average reduction in project costs, 20% average schedule acceleration and saw a 91% forecasting accuracy.