Number of Project Schedules Analyzed by Fuse:

Meet Government Compliance Standards

Ensure Compliance with Government Standards

Acumen Fuse is leading the way in helping government agencies and contractors work together by providing the analysis, diagnostics and benchmarking necessary to ensure and assess compliance.

Fuse offers many metrics that are actual government standards, including metric libraries for the Defense Contract Management Agency [DCMA]’s 14-Point Assessment, the Government Accountability Office [GAO]’s Scheduling Best Practices, and the National Defense Industrial Association [NDIA]’s Generally Accepted Scheduling Practices [GASP].

In fact, these agencies use Fuse themselves to determine compliance during schedule auditing. Additionally, to ensure a solid future for schedule standardization, Acumen is leading the development and ratification of the UN/CEFACT schedule (IMS) data schema- a far-reaching initiative to standardize upon a common data format for project management, irrespective of platform or software tool.

Self-Assessment Prior to Audit

Using Fuse, you can conduct a self-assessment prior to government audit, spot problem areas and consider how to best solve them, ensuring your compliance with standards, a successful audit, and overall schedule quality.Even assess multiple projects, across multiple platforms, against the industry standards giving you true insight into program and portfolio quality. 

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