Number of Project Schedules Analyzed by Fuse:

What Makes Acumen Fuse Different

Distinctions from Other Solutions

  • Innovation: The Acumen platform is unique, original and designed to work with multiple platforms. Acumen products are expressly developed for project-centric organizations.
  • Depth: Fuse can slice and dice by any grouping and time segment, enabling in-depth analytics and the best available visualization of project data. 
  • Customization: Use hundreds of included metrics for analysis of different schedules, costs, risks, performance and logic, or create custom metrics.  Reports are customizable too.  
  • Performance: Analyze an unlimited number of projects and tens of thousands of activities per project, all at unbelievable speed.
  • Trending :Compare performance during execution or results upon completion of one project over time or multiple projects against each other. 
  • Customer Focus: Acumen offers a commitment to customer service not found with other solutions.  Our training program ensures our clients get the very best return on investment and their feedback helps shape the direction of product growth. 

Unmatched Performance

  • What takes other schedule analysis tools minutes to run is done in seconds with Acumen Fuse!  
  • Acumen Fuse does not require the original program (such as Microsoft Project or Primavera) to be installed.  
  • By natively reading Microsoft Project, Primavera, Cobra and Risk Analysis data, Fuse provides a much more scalable and robust solution capable of handling tens of thousands of activities across multiple projects and platforms in seconds.  

Unique Features

Fuse Metrics

Explore over 300 metrics made up of both unique-to-Fuse checks for schedule quality, performance insight, and trend analysis, as well as industry standards such as the DCMA 14-Point Assessment.

Logic Analysis 

Identify your true critical path with the Fuse logic trace, or locate redundant logic links with the Fuse logic analyzer.

Forensic Analysis 

Identify changes and calculate variances between any number of schedule updates, not just two. The Fuse Forensic Analyzer can compare calendars, scenarios, and any activity attribute including user-defined and code fields. 

Schedule Cleanser™ 

Pinpoint scheduling flaws and remove them instantly to create a clean version of a schedule that can be easily exported back to Primavera or Microsoft Project.

Fuse Schedule Index™ 

Score each project, contractor, WBS, or location using the Fuse Schedule Index™ to identify poor planning or to benchmark against other projects. 

Acumen Cloud™ 

Connect to Acumen’s cloud-based project knowledge base directly from Fuse.  Get a quick comparison of similar project’s scores giving you insight into project viability. 

Acceleration & Decision Support 

Acumen 360 works directly with Acumen Fuse to generate schedule scenarios. Create multiple scenarios and run a Fuse analysis for help identifying the best path forward! 

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