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Risk Adjusted Planning—The New Wave

The findings in this white paper capture poll results of over 300 firms and point to a new reality for the project management industry: effective project risk management is no longer a competitive advantage—it is a competitive necessity. // more

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Only with consideration of both schedule and cost risk can the probability of project success truly be determined. Read this white paper to learn how Deltek Acumen Risk simplifies cost and schedule risk analysis. // more

Ensuring Quality in Project Planning, Forecasting, and Execution

This white paper discusses how active management and continual assessment of the schedule, cost, and risk throughout implementation of a project plan can dramatically increase chances of success. // more

9 Metrics to Ensure Schedule Quality

Acumen’s targeted research and decades of experience with client project schedules has yielded nine metrics which provide strong indication as to whether or not a project will ultimately achieve execution success. // more

Acumen Risk For Schedule Risk Analysis – A User’s Perspective

This paper offers a user’s perspective on using Acumen Risk™ for schedule risk analysis. Written by Dr. David Hulett, esteemed project risk management leader and Acumen Risk user, this step-by-step guide is a thorough review of both the user experience and Acumen Risk’s unique approach to the challenges of creating an accurate risk model. // more

How Traditional Risk Reporting Has Let Us Down

This white paper discusses risk reporting techniques and ways of interpreting risk analysis results that actually enable the project team to make pro-active changes in reducing their risk exposure. // more

Developing Standards for Enterprise Schedule Quality

This white papers addresses the need to implement a standard for schedule quality and explains how ensuring quality in the IMS (Integrated Master Schedule) can be achieved through a three-step process. // more

Baseline Compliance Analysis: A True Measure of How Well a Project is Performing

This white paper covers a new approach to tracking project performance which identifies variance gaps between the baseline plan and actual performance for the project as a whole as well as specific deliverables, contractors, locations, or any other group of activities. // more

The Value of a Standard Schedule Quality Index

This white paper describes the need for and value of adopting a single, standardized index to reflect the quality of a project schedule and using cloud technology to benchmark your project and accelerate your schedule maturity. // more

Achieving the Unachievable: Aligning a Project with Stakeholder Expectations

A case study on a major capital expenditure project that was able to achieve a faster, risk-adjusted, and still achievable schedule using a combination of schedule and risk analytics based on Acumen’s S1>S5 schedule maturity framework. // more