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Acumen Cloud™ provides an unprecedented way to understand where your schedule ranks among thousands of similar schedules worldwide.  Acumen Cloud™ allows you to: 

See the Big Picture

The Acumen Cloud histogram allows you to clearly see where your project ranks in a vivid report.  Get instant, easy-to-understand comparison results for projects of all sizes, scopes and status.

Acumen Cloud Histogram


Get the Details

In order to understand WHY your schedule ranks where it does, you first need to understand what is driving that result.  Acumen Cloud™ not only ranks the project as a whole, but scores and benchmarks each individual metric result. 

Acumen Cloud Metric Benchmarking

Immediate Results

Acumen Cloud immediately tells you the Fuse Schedule Index™, or schedule quality score, as well as your percentile rank among similar projects, and the resulting likelihood of success.  This means you not only learn how well you’ve planned the work, but how likely you are to successfully work the plan. 

Acumen Cloud Predicts Project Success

Acumen Cloud™: Real-time, true project benchmarking