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Acumen Cloud

Acumen Cloud
Acumen makes it possible for you to truly understand how your project stacks up against other similar projects all over the world.

Acumen Cloud: Benchmarking

Acumen Cloud is a web-based schedule benchmarking utility that gives you the power to compare your Fuse diagnostics results to other similar projects in terms of size and/or nature.

Acumen Cloud Project Benchmarking

Find out your Score and Rank

Quickly determine not only your overall Fuse Schedule Index, but also see where your score ranks compared to other projects of similar size and nature. Use this benchmarking result to track improvement of quality over time and gain insight as to whether your project is being developed to sufficient quality and detail. And since it’s web-based, the benchmarking data you are being ranked against is constantly updated in real time for a more comprehensive comparison of your project.

Acumen Cloud™: Real-time, true project benchmarking