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Acumen 360


Acumen 360 helps meet faster project completion demands through the generation of accelerated and reliable project scenarios. Acumen 360 helps you: 

Come in on time, or sooner.

Acumen 360 can be used at any point in the project life cycle to create a schedule that makes up for lost time and gets a delayed project back on track, or in a best case scenario meets the demand for an earlier completion date.

Acumen 360 Schedule Acceleration Scenarios

Work the best possible plan.

With Acumen 360 you can create any number of schedule scenarios to immediately view and evaluate options for accelerating the project. Compare scenarios against one another, or against metrics for schedule integrity and achievability, to identify the most realistic option.

Acumen 360 scenario comparison 

Interactively add or reduce duration.

Use the Acumen 360  scenario calibration sliders to interactively add duration or reduce duration to a single activity, a group of activities, or an entire WBS (work breakdown structure). Then immediately see the results of these adjustments on the project completion date in real time.

Acumen 360 Acceleration Criteria Builder

Save time and effort.

The CPM engine built directly into Acumen 360 creates schedule scenarios in seconds allowing you to immediately see the acceleration results. Create multiple scenarios in mere seconds as opposed to the manual method that could take days or even weeks.

Acumen 360 Schedule Acceleration Time Savings

Retain control over schedule direction.

Acumen 360 puts you in control of the schedule, using your criteria to focus acceleration efforts and run numerous “What-If…” analyses. Your insight into realistic options for compressing durations means a resulting scenario your team approves of and you can depend on.

Acumen 360… accelerated and defendable schedules your entire team can depend on.