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Acumen 360

Features List

Acumen 360′s unique features allow you to accelerate (or decelerate) project time frames in a matter of minutes. 

Duration Calibration

Acumen 360 Duration Calibration allows you to interactively accelerate or decelerate activities, groups of activities, or the entire project schedule.  Select activities that “Require Less Time” than planned or those that require more and immediately see the impact on the project as a whole. 

What if analysis with Acumen 360

Scenario Generation

Acumen 360 creates a copy of the project, or schedule scenario, meaning you can always go back to your original plan.  Create multiple scenarios to weigh different options. 

Acumen 360 Schedule Acceleration Scenarios

Criteria Builder

Only you know where acceleration is physically possible within the project.  Use your knowledge of the schedule to target specific areas for acceleration and set the limits for reducing durations.

Acumen 360 Criteria Builder

Decision Support

Use the diagnostic capabilities of Acumen Fuse to evaluate the acceleration options or gain further insight into the impact of slips and delays.   

Acumen 360 Schedule Decision Support 

Acumen 360… accelerated and defendable schedules your entire team can depend on.