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Acumen 360

Acumen 360

Acumen 360 logoDemands for faster, cheaper project completion are forever present. However, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually driven requirements is extremely difficult and time consuming. Acumen 360 helps make this acceleration a reality.

Acumen 360: Effortless Acceleration

Acumen 360 gives you the ability to accelerate time frames effortlessly in seconds.

Acumen 360: Schedule Acceleration

Generate Scenarios… Automatically

  • Define your goal (e.g. accelerate my project by 30 days); and let Acumen 360 automatically generate alternate scenarios to achieve that goal. Or, 
  • For more manual control, use the interactive Acumen 360 acceleration sliders to specify which activities get targeted for scenario generation.

True Decision Support

Once Acumen 360 has generated multiple scenarios that achieve your goal, you can view the changes and make informed decisions as to which scenario makes the most economic sense. Then publish the updated schedule directly back to your preferred scheduling tool of choice.

Recover Slips and Delays

But accelerating a planned project isn’t all Acumen 360 can do. It can also be used to get a delayed project back on track. Either way, it gives you more power and control over your schedule for the demands you face every day.

What used to take a professional weeks of manual schedule manipulation now takes only minutes with Acumen 360; accelerated and defendable schedules at your fingertips.