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Based on the proven Acumen S1//S5 schedule maturity framework, Acumen’s software suite integrates directly with your current scheduling tools (S1) to help you improve schedule quality (S2), increase project confidence (S3), and achieve successful on-time completion (S4) time and again.  The proven track record of Acumen products makes true team consensus and buy-in (S5) on the project possible. 

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Acumen S1//S5 Maturity Framework

S1// S5 Maturity Framework

Acumen Products

Acumen Fuse®

Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and more importantly, resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. 

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Acumen 360™

Acumen 360 gives you the ability to effortlessly create schedule scenarios that accelerate time frames and recover delays.

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Acumen Risk™

Acumen Risk is an integrated cost/schedule risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register.

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Acumen Cloud™

Acumen Cloud is a web-based schedule benchmarking utility built directly into Fuse that gives you the power to compare your Fuse diagnostics results to other similar projects in terms of size and/or nature.

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Acumen Schedule Index™ Calculator

The Acumen Schedule Index Calculator is a free web-based utility that scores schedule quality and compares it with industry benchmarks for a more comprehensive level of project analysis.

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