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Acumen Awarded Innovation of the Year

Jul 12, 2012

Planning and Scheduling Award for Acumen's Fuse Schedule Index

Dr. Dan Patterson accepts the Innovation of the Year award for Acumen’s Fuse Schedule Index.

At the inaugural Planning and Scheduling Awards, Acumen was awarded Innovation of the Year for its standard schedule quality assessment, the Fuse Schedule Index™.

Measuring Up

The Innovation of the Year award recognizes an innovation designed to:

  • assist with planning, scheduling, or project controls;
  • significantly help to solve a project management issue; or,
  • facilitate the planner or scheduler in the delivery of their roles.

Acumen’s Fuse Schedule Index was selected for this award for its role in helping countless project managers understand and report the quality of their schedule. As a part of the Acumen Fuse platform, the innovation provides a means of diagnosing, and more importantly resolving issues helping project managers build a better schedule, improve project performance, and achieve success—on-time, on-budget project completion—again and again.

The Planning and Scheduling Awards are sponsored by Athena Project Services and Planning Planet. The organizations joined forces to produce an event that recognizes and celebrates the efforts of those engaged in project management.

Focus on Innovation

Acumen wins innovation of the yearAcumen is a privately held project management solutions company that focuses on using analytics to provide insight into and effectively overcome project challenges. Thought leadership and industry improvement is a central tenet of Acumen’s business.

“Invention is to create, innovation is to make better. With the Fuse Schedule Index, we achieved both: we created  a first-to-market solution for diagnosing scheduling flaws and secondly, we developed a universal means of scoring schedule quality. By providing this Index in both Fuse and as a free web utility, we have been able to establish the de facto standard for critiquing project schedules worldwide. To date: over 300,000 Fuse analyses have been conducted. We are honored to have gained such recognition and will continue to push the boundaries helping better the project management community,” said Dr. Dan Patterson, president and CEO of Acumen.

The idea was that by releasing the schedule index, Acumen was arming the project management community with the necessary information to execute industry-leading projects, which in turn raises the bar for industry planning quality.