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Acumen Partners with Planning Planet

Jul 13, 2012

Acumen, a leader in project management software, has announced a new partnership with Planning Planet, a forum-based project management community website. As part of this partnership, Acumen will help to provide insight into project analytics to the Planning Planet community through informative events, the Acumen Fuse® group and forum, and services such as the new Schedule Index™ Calculator.

Schedule Index Calculator on Planning Planet

The Schedule Index™ Calculator is a free web utility for project benchmarking and quality analysis embedded directly into the Planning Planet website. Planning Planet visitors Project Analytics Quote calloutcan upload their schedule and immediately learn their quality score, rank in the global project community, and percent likelihood of success.

The calculator uses the Fuse Schedule Index™, a compilation of proven schedule checks to analyze and score Primavera and Microsoft Project schedules. Then, by accessing the global database of Acumen Cloud, the Schedule Index score is compared to thousands of similar projects.

The entire analysis and comparison takes only seconds, and the results are delivered in straightforward numbers. Once users have seen where they stand in the rankings, a high-level project report available directly from the tool allows them to see exactly what is driving their score.

A Strong Partnership

PlanningPlanet.com is designed to facilitate open discussion and dedicated to helping project professionals network online. They feel their partnership with Acumen is an extension of that mission.Planning Planet website featuring Acumen's Schedule Index Calculator

“We’re excited to have a partner and a sponsor that wants to help the project professionals that visit our site and not just reach them,” said Theo D’Orgee, marketing executive at Planning Planet. “Giving the Planning Planet community access to the latest and greatest technology designed for their success is just the beginning of our partnership.”

The introduction of Schedule Index Calculator to Planning Planet offers true insight into the quality of a schedule compared with its peers. Acumen Cloud’s database already hosts thousands of projects, and with the advent of Schedule Index Calculator, this number will continue to climb, making Acumen Cloud more robust and accurate with each analysis.

“The next step for Acumen is broadening the use of project analytics,” said Acumen CEO, Dr. Dan Patterson. “The Schedule Index Calculator will provide valuable information that can help project professionals execute better projects, which in turn betters the industry.”

The Schedule Index Calculator is currently live on Planning Planet. The code is available to embed on any website here.