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Announcing: New subsidiary, Acumen Canada

Jul 01, 2012

Acumen Canada will be a strong extension of the Acumen brand

Acumen Canada

As a subsidiary of Acumen, Acumen Canada will provide Acumen products and services directly to the Canadian market, including Acumen Fuse®, a project diagnostic and analysis platform.

Additionally, Acumen Canada will provide Acumen-certified S1 // S5 risk management consulting.

Acumen Canada opened for business July 1, 2012.


“With more than 20 years combined experience in the project management trade, the Acumen Canada branch will be a strong extension of the Acumen brand. We look forward to bringing our unique, analytics-driven approach to project management to an even broader client base,”

said Acumen CEO and president, Dr. Dan Patterson.


The expansion was driven by the high demand for both the Fuse platform and Acumen’s proprietary S1 // S5 risk assessment methodology.


“The Acumen name is respected within the project management community as a thought leader and results producer. Acumen Canada will further that reputation and help support the excellent customer service Acumen clients expect,”

said Lorne Duncan, Acumen Canada managing director.