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Government / Aerospace & Defense

With federal budgets under constant review and scrutiny, government-sanctioned projects require more compliance adherence than any other type of project.

Government Project Challenges

While wide ranging in nature, government investments spanning IT, infrastructure construction and aerospace & defense, for example, all pose similar challenges and commercial risk for government contractors.

Challenges that redefine a successful project completion. Successful completion of a project is more than just coming in on time. Strict budget scrutiny throughout the project life cycle drives strict reporting requirements such as Earned Value (EV). Closely tied to this are government project audits and surveillance conducted by the likes of the DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) and GAO (Government Accountability Office). Developing a schedule and budget is simply not enough.

Compliance Standards

Mandates such as the DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment and Earned Value Compliance (ANSI 748) are all initiatives that help drive compliance and consistency as well as an audit trail.

Acumen Can Help

Acumen’s software tools lead the way in helping government agencies and contractors work together ensuring this successful compliance. In fact, the DCMA and GAO have both adopted Acumen Fuse as their tool of choice for schedule diagnostics. Contractors also adopting the same tool set means more alignment and harmony between these parties.

To ensure a solid future for schedule standardization, Acumen is leading the way in the development and ratification of the UN/CEFACT schedule (IMS) data schema – a far-reaching initiative to standardize upon a common data format for project management irrespective of platform or software tool.

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