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The energy industry is comprised of companies that handle the production and sale of energy, including oil & gas, power, and electrical companies. Acumen products along with our workshops, help hundreds of the world’s largest energy providers execute sound schedules and achieve success in an effort to meet the growing need for discovering and providing more usable energy.
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Government / Aerospace & Defense

Acumen understands that the Government / Aerospace & Defense sector demands more compliance adherence and reporting requirements than any other. This is why Acumen’s software tools, designed to help government agencies and contractors work together to ensure successful compliance, are being used by such companies as the DCMA and GAO.
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Construction & Engineering

In the Construction and Engineering industry,  orchestrating complex logistics, schedules and costs while satisfying the owner’s requirements for on-time and to-budget  project completion can be challenging. Acumen products, however, have helped countless companies feel confident about creating a schedule and budget that are both accurate and achievable.
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