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Global Seminar Series – Acumen Suite


The first leg of the 2013 Acumen World Tour will officially kick off in London on February 28!  

Launching Acumen Risk

Acumen has teamed up with our international resellers and partners to host a series of seminars launching the new-to-market cost/schedule risk analysis software: Acumen Risk™.  Acumen Risk provides unprecedented insight into both the uncertainty inherent to complex projects and the unforeseen risk events which can impact key project milestones.  This unique software tool helps the entire project team (not just high-level risk statisticians) to accurately account for and proactively reduce project risk exposure.  Through cutting edge reporting, Acumen Risk provides unprecedented insight into project challenges and the benefits of proposed mitigation strategies and helps you develop an accurate risk model the team can actually rely on. 

Acumen Software Suite

In addition to presenting Acumen Risk, the world tour will demonstrate the unique schedule diagnostics and quality improvement capabilities of Acumen Fuse® and the ability of Acumen 360 to help remediate project slips and delays.  Acumen Fuse includes over 300 metric checks which help you to identify shortcomings in the schedule, cost estimate, risk model or project performance.   Acumen 360 uses intelligent and pinpointed acceleration (or deceleration) techniques to automatically generate a schedule scenario which meets an accelerated project goal or helps to recover delays incurred during execution. 

Second Annual World Tour

This will be the second world tour the Acumen team has embarked on. The 2012 World Tour included the launch of Acumen’s cloud-based project benchmarking utility: Acumen Cloud™.  This series of 18 seminars was attended by close to 500 project professionals.  

With the launch of Acumen Risk™ and plenty of additional planned stops, the 2013 World Tour promises to be an even bigger event!  Use the links below for additional information on each stop of the tour or contact us to add your city to the list! 

2013 World Tour

Upcoming Seminars: 

London – February 28

Milan – March 5

Bucharest– March 7

Doha – March 12

Abu Dhabi – March 14




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